Maria Porges

complete list of publications

Catalogue essays and contributions to books

DS Friedman, "Something from nothing" (2016)

Susanna Bluhm, G.Gibson Gallery (2016)

Janet Bogardus, “Towers and Piers” (2016)

“Graylands,” for Deborah Miller solo exhibition, San Pablo CA (2016)

“Making It Up: Rebekah Goldstein,” for ‘Another Way In’ at Jack Geary Gallery, NY (2015)

“Sara Bright: Frescoes,” exhibition at George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco (2015)

“Modi: art and life, interrupted,” Permodur Carlsson retrospective at Listasafn Art Museum, Iceland (2015)

“Lightning Strikes: 18 Artists. 18 Poets,” Dolby Chadwick Gallery, SF CA (2015)

 “Alex Bratenahl,” essay for catalogue accompanying memorial exhibition (2015)

“Lauren diCioccio: Familiars,” at Jack Fischer Gallery, SF CA (2014)

“Fresh Legs Off the Bench: Carmen Lang’s pulp fiction,” at Natsoulas Gallery, Sacramento CA (2014)

“Lisa Kokin: (fac)simile,” at Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley CA (2014)

Bonnie Neumann, “See, Surface” (2014)

Betsy Kellas, “Once Upon a Time,” Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol CA (2014)

Introduction for “Non-Impossibilities: Making the Museum,” The Possible, Berkeley Art Museum (2014)

“Kirk Stoller: Thrown a curve,” after exhibition at Romer Young Gallery, SF CA (2014)

“Ann Holsberry: Being Blue,” for ‘Migrations’ exhibition at the DeSaisset Museum, Santa Clara CA (2014)

“TwentyThirteen,” for the catalogue published by the class of 2013/CCA MFA Program (2013)

Joan Moment, for exhibition at JayJay Gallery, Sacramento CA (2013)

“Form and Place: Jane Rosen and Anne Hollingsworth,” Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley CA (2013)

“The Uncommon Thread: Jody Alexander and Lisa Kokin,” at the Center for the Book, SF CA (2013)

“Avatars and Angels,” Michele Gregor ceramic sculpture, Natsoulas Gallery, Davis CA (2013)

Inez Storer, for exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley CA (2013)

Essay for X Libris (post-exhibition publication for show of same name), SF CA (2013)

Essay for Arngunnnur Yr: Life and Art, published by Reykjavik Art Gallery, Iceland (2012)

“Lisa Kokin: Unraveling,” for exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley , CA (2012)

“Laura Ball,” at David Smith Gallery, Denver CO (2012)

 “Present Tense: Leah Rosenberg,” exhibition at Truesilver Gallery, SF CA (2012)

“Oren Lukatz, Photographs,” for exhibition at Rosenfeld Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (2012)

“The Idea of Light: Kalogiros/ Preston/ Skloven,” for exhibition at Ampersand Gallery, SF (2011)

“Matter, light as air,” for Remodeling the Universe: Linda Fleming, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno NV (2011)

Saya Moriyasu, for SOIL (artist’s collective) catalogue, Seattle WA (2011)

“Looking for Answers, Asking Questions,” for Glen Moriwaki: Right Now, Live Worms Gallery, SF (2011)

“Light from above: Lorraine Peltz,” for exhibition at Micaela Gallery, SF (2010)

“Mary Lindheim: a Life (not yet)examined,” for the book Mary Tuthill Lindheim: Art and Inspiration (2010)

“That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee,” for These Are the People in Your Neighborhood, book published by Gallery 16 in celebration of their 15th anniversary, SF (2010)

 “Mining with a paintbrush,” for Alika Cooper, including exhibition at Steven Wolfe Gallery (2009)

“Speaking in (multiple) tongues,” biographical essay on Irene Pijoan for Irene Pijoan: A life, book published in conjunction with museum retrospective in Lausanne, Switzerland (2009)

“Outside the (magic) box: Jessica Skloven’s pictures,” at Togonon Gallery, SF (2009)

 “New World(s),” for Donald Fortescue: Genius Loci , at Sonoma Art Museum (2009)

 “Firing a Legacy: David Kuraoka and San Francisco State University,” Pence Gallery, Davis CA (2009)

“Blot Out the Sun: six younger Bay Area artists,” Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles CA (2008)

“James Melchert: An unbroken line,” retrospective catalogue essay (2008)

“Gunnar Plake,” interview/essay (2008)

“William Stanisch: As fast as water runs downhill,” catalogue essay (2008)

Polly Frizzell, essay for website (2008)

“Michael Brennan: Arcadia,” (2008)

“What Goes Around,” essay for Measure of Time, Lucinda Barnes ed., University of California Press (2007)

“Hadi Tabatabai: Now you see it,” (2007)

“Gary Blum,” unpublished catalogue essay (2007)

“Rapture is a Cool Place: Two Artists View the Baroque,” at Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland CA (2006)

“Clifford Rainey: The Boys,” at Habatat Gallery, MI (2006)

“Robert Brady,” at the Palo Alto Art Center (2005) (traveled to Di Rosa museum, Napa CA: Fresno Art Museum, Fresno CA;’ Katzen Art Center at American University, Washington DC; Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton MA)

Dovetailing Art and Life: the Bennett Collection, inaugural exhibition at the SF Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco CA (2004)

“Tad Lauritzen Wright,” at David Lusk gallery, Memphis TN (2004)

“Recurrences: Bean Finneran,” the Kemper Museum, Kansas City MO (2002)

“Relative Obscurity: Lisa Kokin,” at Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco CA (2001)

“Phoenix: Jim Melchert,” at Revolution Gallery, Ferndale, MI (2001)

“Counterfeit: Ray Beldner,” at Sherry Frumkin Gallery and other venues (traveling), 2000-2003

“Mono: Brian Yoshimi Isobe,” at Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery, NY, NY(2000)

“Bernie Lubell: Sufficient Latitude,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, FL (1999)

Essay on the history of Bay Area art in the postwar era, for An Absolute Native Glory: The di Rosa Collection, Chroniclebooks, S. F. CA (1999)

“Chester Arnold: Accumulation,” at Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA (1998)

“Rick Arnitz,” at Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA (1998)

“Squeak Carnwath,” at David Beitzel Gallery, New York (1998)

“Below/Above the Border,” at Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver B.C. (1997)

“Tony Hepburn,” at Revolution Gallery, Detroit MI (1997)

“The New Traditionalists,” Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Eugene OR (1996) (also curated)

“Identity: 6 Chinese American artists,” at the Chinese Cultural Center, NY NY (1996)

“Robert Brady: A Retrospective,” at San Jose State University Art Museum, S J. CA (1996)

Art Attack: Judith Schaechter, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, PhiladelphiaPA (1995)

“Forms Of Address: the Artist's Annual,” San Francisco Art Institute (1995)

“The Peaceful Liberators: Jain Art From India” (brochure essay), LACMA (1994)

“Katsura Funakoshi,” Wirtz Gallery, SF (1994)

“Cork Marcheschi,” California State University at Hayward Gallery (1994)

“Picasso and the Weeping Women” ( brochure essay), LA County Museum of Art (1993)

“Quick Quick Pause: Deborah Oropallo,” Wirtz Gallery, SF (1993)

The 43rd Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting, Corcoran Museum, Washington DC:   essays on D. Oropallo, D. Beattie/D. Davidson, H. Liu(1993)

 “Steve Tobin,” Carpe Diem Gallery, Paris (1992)

“Mike Henderson,” Haines Gallery, SF (1992)

The 42nd Biennial Exhibition of ContemporaryAmerican Painting, Corcoran Museum of American Art Washington DC: essays on Tom Stanton, Irene Pijoan (1991)

“Image/Object Place: Photography and Installation,” Oliver Art Center at CCA, Oakland (1991) “Sabina Ott,” Pence Gallery, Los Angeles/ Cowles Gallery, New York (1991)

“Irene Pijoan,” Rena Bransten Gallery, SF CA(1990)

“The Writing on The Wall,” DTO Gallery, Oakland, and DICE Gallery, Reno NV (1990)

“Buzz Spector (New California Artist Series),” Newport Harbor Museum, Newport Beach CA (1990)

“Outdoor Installation Project At the Civic Center Lagoon,” Inter-Arts Marin CA (1989)

“The New Narratology: Examining the Narrative in Image/Text Art,” for exhibition that traveled from San Francisco to Santa Cruz CA, Miami FL and Arlington TX (1989) (also organized and curated)

“Containment,” DICE and XS Galleries (Reno, Nevada) 1989


Reviews of Exhibitions

2016: Unearthed: Found+Made, Oakland Museum of California, (January); Tony Discenza at Catharine Clark Gallery, SF, (March); Judith Belzer at George Lawson Gallery, SF, (March), ‘Scratches, Spit and Vinegar,’ curated by Ed Ruscha for Crown Point Press, (April); The Stand-Ins, at Haines Gallery, (August); Lou Beach, The End of Days, at Jack Fischer Gallery, shotgun review at (September); Libby Black, Gallery 16, Sculpture Magazine (September); Paul Kos: Equilibrium, diRosa Gatehouse Gallery, Sculpture Magazine (September); Gonzalo Fuenmayor: Picturesque, at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, (September); Sojourner Truth: Photography and the Fight Against Slavery, at The Berkeley Art Museum, (September)

 2015: Bill Owens at Mills College Art Museum, (February); Ann Weber at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, (March); Chester Arnold at Catharine Clark Gallery, (April); Pierre Cordier and Gundi Falk at Haines Gallery, (April); Doug Hall at McBean Gallery/SFAI, (May); Walter Robinson at Palo Alto Art Center, (July); Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time and Beauty, at the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum, (August); Juan Carlos Quintana at Jack Fischer Gallery, Shotgun Review special issue Art Practical/ (September); Carrie Lederer at Diablo Valley College Gallery, (October); Michael Brennan at Whitewalls Gallery, (November); Barry McGee at Ratio 3 Gallery, (December)

 2014: Walter Robinson at Catharine Clark Gallery, Art Practical/Daily Serving (March); Will Rogan, Matrix exhibition at Berkeley Art Museum, Art Practical/ (April); Jamie Brunson at Andrea Schwartz Gallery, Kirk Stoller at Romer Young Gallery, Art Ltd. (May/June); Arngunnur Yr at Cultural Conference Center, (May); Forrest Bess at the Berkeley Art Museum, Shotgun Review (, June; Nathan Lynch at Rena Bransten Projects, Art Ltd. (July/August); Yoshitomo Saito at Haines Gallery, Art. Ltd. (September/October); Cynthia Ono Innes at Traywick Gallery, Shotgun Review special issue Art Practical/ (September); Annabeth Rosen at Paule Anglim Gallery, (September)

 2013: Kehinde Wiley at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, SquareCylinder (July); Ann Weber,

 2012: Photography and the Landscape at the Nevada Art Museum, Art Ltd., Winter

 2011: Presidio Habitats, Sculpture Magazine, January

 2010: Andrea Higgins at Hosfelt Gallery, Artforum, February

 2009: Narangkar Glover at Swarm Gallery, Shotgun Review, September; Alison Kotts, furniture, San Rafael Artist’s Gallery, Shotgun Review, September

 2008: Bruce Metcalf at the Palo Alto Art Center, American Craft, December; Jordan Kantor at Ratio 3 Gallery, Artforum, summer

 2007: Walter Robinson at Catharine Clark Gallery, Artforum, October; Ulrike Palmbach at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Artforum, summer;  Linda Geary at Rena Bransten Gallery, Artforum, February; “CCA and the Studio Glass Movement,” at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, Glass Quarterly, summer; Notion Nanny: Allison Smith, Shotgun Review, June; Alice Shaw. Shotgun Review, July

 2006: Rachel Lachowicz, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, Artforum, February; Robert Brady, American Craft, March; The Sensuous Curve: Scandinavian Furniture Design, at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, San Francisco, American Craft, September

 2005: Jim Campbell, Todd Hosfelt, Gallery, Artforum, May; Adriane Colburn, Southern Exposure Gallery, Artforum, Summer; Timothy Horn, Todd Hosfelt Gallery, American Craft, October; Jim Melchert, Paule Anglim Gallery, Artforum, October; Doug Hall, Rena Bransten Gallery, Artforum, December

 2004: Alice Shaw at Gallery 1616, San Francisco CA, Artforum, November

 2003: Paul Kos at the Berkeley Art Museum, Artforum, September

 2002: Rick Arnitz at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Artforum, September

 2001: Brad Brown at Susan Cummins Gallery, Art in America, February; John Cage at Crown Point Press and the Legion of Honor, SF, Artforum, May; The World on its Head: Contemporary Belgian Art, at McBean Gallery/ SFAI, Sculpture, June; Irene Pijoan at the Bedford Art Center, Artforum, December

 2000: Henry Turmon at the Rena Bransten Gallery, SF, Art in America, February; Marco Maggi at Todd Hosfelt Gallery, SF, Artforum, February; "Unboxed: Sculptors in Cardboard" at the Bedford Art Center, Sculpture, May; Richard Shaw at Ruth Braunstein Gallery, Art in America, September; Michael O'Malley at Southern Exposure Gallery, Artforum, October; Tony Discenza at Jen Joy Gallery, Artforum, December

 1999: Harrell Fletcher and Jon Rubin at the Bedford Art Center, Artforum, February; Jean Finley and John Muse at Sweetow Gallery, Artforum, February

 1998: SF column: Luc Tuymans; "Three Great Walls;" Glen Baxter, Art Issues, Jan-Feb.; Rudolf Steiner at the Berkeley Art Museum, Artforum, March; Clifford Rainey, David Ruddell, Sculpture, March; SF column: Ray Beldner; Ann Agee; Robert Colescott, Art Issues, May-June; Catherine McCarthy at Todd Hosfelt Gallery, Artforum, September; Bella Feldman at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, Sculpture, October; Irene Pijoan, Art in America, September; Doug Hall, Kelsey Nicholson, Art Issues, November-December

 1997: Chester Arnold at Susan Cummins Gallery, Artforum, February; SF column: "Codified Desires;" Crane/Winet; "New Work: Drawing Today," Art Issues March-April; SF column: Mary Snowden; Leone and McDonald; the Peale Family, Art Issues May-June; Margaret Kilgallen at Gallery 16, Artforum, May; SF Column: "Introductions" shows, Art Issues July-August; "Organically Grown," at Center for the Arts/Yerba Buena Gardens, Sculpture, September; Brett Reichman at Rena Bransten Gallery, Artforum, September; Tom Farbanish at Traver Gallery, Glass, fall; Polly Apfelbaum at McBean Gallery/ SFAI, Artforum, November

 1996: SF column: Tim Berry; Allesandro Raho; Manolo Valdes, Art Issues January-Feb.; Paul Kos at Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, Artforum, February; Charles Goldman ar Southern Exposure Gallery, Artforum, March; Karim Hamid at Terrain Gallery, Artforum, April; Jack Ox at Catherine Clark Gallery, Artforum, May; Alan Firestone; Cozy, Swell (group shows), Sculpture, June ; SF column: James Casebere; Rick Artnitz; Dave Ardito, Art Issues December

 1995: Michael Kenna at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Artforum, February; David Dunlap at the Mills College Art Gallery, Artforum, April; SF column: "Desire, Disaster, Document;" "Star Wars;" Art Issues, May/June; Melissa Pokorny at Paule Anglim, Artforum, May; SF column: Introductions, Art Issues, summer; Ritsuko Taho at Capp St. Project, Artforum, September; Catherine Sherwood at Paule Anglim Gallery, Artforum, November

 1994: James Barsness at Susan Cummins Gallery, Artforum, January; Clifford Rainey, Mildred Howard, Richard Shaw, Sculpture, March-April’ Donald Lipski at the Capp St. Project, Artforum, March; Jess at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artforum, April; "Iron and Glass," Fletcher Benton, Outsider Art (New Orleans), Sculpture, May-June; Don Grant at Transamerica Gallery, Marc Katano at Wirtz Gallery, Visions, September; Hollis Sigler at Susan Cummins Gallery, Artforum, September; Bill Bury at Stephen Wirtz, Artforum, October; San Francisco overview in Sculpture, November/December; Enrique Chagoya at the M.H. DeYoung Museum, Artforum, November

 1993: SF column: William Harnett; Chester Arnold, Art Issues, January/ February; SF column: Larry Sultan; Barry McGee, Art Issues, March/ April; Tony Hepburn at Dorothy Weiss, Sculpture, March/ April; Lauren Elder, performing "Surrender", Artforum, March ; SF column: Robert Arneson; William Wiley, Art Issues, May/June ; Catherine Wagner at LACMA, Artforum, October; David Cannon Dashiell at SFAI, Artforum, October

 1992: Rosemary Trockel at the University Art Museum, Sculpture, January/ February; The Guerilla Girls at Falkirk Center, Shift 13; Jeffrey Mitchell at Rena Bransten Gallery, Artforum, January; Paul Soldner at the Oliver Art Center, American Craft, February/ March; John Randolph/Bruce Tomb at New Langton Arts, Artforum, March; Michal Rovner at the Friends of Photography, Artforum, April; Stefan Kurten at Rena Bransten Gallery, Artforum, May; Andrej Roiter at Jack Hanley, Artforum, September; Maria Fernanda Cardoso at San Francisco Artspace, Artforum, December; "San Francisco FAX: Suzanne Hellmuth / Jock Reynolds, Enrique Chagoya," Art Issues November/ December

 1991: Dan Snyder at Allrich Gallery, American Ceramics, January; Anxious Visions (Surrealism survey) at the University Art Museum, Artforum, February; Lutz Bacher at Mincher Wilcox, Artforum, March; Sherrie Levine at SFMOMA, Artforum, April; Michael Lucero at Dorothy Weiss, Sculpture, September/ October; Susan Martin at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Artforum, October; May Sun at Capp Street Project, Artforum, November; “San Francisco FAX : John Beech, Peter Edlund," Art Issues, November/ December

 1990: "Marcel Broodthaers," (feature/ review) Contemporanea, January; James Morris at Dorothy Weiss, American Ceramics, Spring; John Baldessari (feature/ review),Contemporanea, September; Leo Copers at the Museum Van Hedenedaagse/Antwerp, Contemporanea, October; Dan Snyder at Allrich Gallery, American Ceramics, Fall; Capsule reviews for two issues of California Magazine: Lisa Hein, Leslie Lerner, Steve Knauff/ Robert Cataluschi

 1989: "The Usages of Language,"Carla Harryman/ Mark Durant performance at New Langton Arts, Artweek 3/18; "A Meeting of Rough and Refined," Ken Price at Rena Bransten, Artweek 4/29; Rene DeGuzman at Terrain, Artweek 12/28; Gordon Matta-Clark, David Ireland, Artcoast 1; Dawn Fryling, Artcoast 2; Judy Moonelis, American Ceramics, summer; "Finding Our History: Lauren Elder's Off Limits," Shift 8

 1988: "Out From the Wall, "Randy Hussong at Mincher Wilcox, Artweek 1/30; "The Colors of Sadness," General Idea at SF Artspace, Artweek 2/13; "Pictures From a Pocket," Ann Mikolowski at Intersection for the Arts, Artweek 2/27; "Personal Imperatives for Change," Tony Hepburn at Dorothy Weiss, Artweek 3/19 ; "Text and Image Metaphors," Deborah Oropallo at Wirtz, Artweek 5/28; "The Look of Political Power," John Buck at John Berggruen, Artweek 10/22; "Paul Pratchenko," at Braunstein,  Artweek 11/3; "The Age of Reason," Walter Martin at P.P.O.W., Shift 3; "Looking Under the Light,"Otani/Stanek/Workman installation;  "Picturing Landscape,"Francesca Sundsten and Lukas Felzmann at Show & Tell, both in Shift 3 ; "It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight: Jumping the Tracks of Narrative,"Vernon Fisher at the Hirshhorn Museum, Shift 4; Judy Moonelis at Braunstein, American Ceramics, Fall; Ann Hamilton's "privation and excess" at SF Artspace, Shift 6; Stan Welsh at Dorothy Weiss, American Ceramics, spring; Phil Cornelius at Dorothy Weiss, American Ceramics, Fall; William Wegman at SFMOMA, Contemporanea, November/ December

 1987: "A Postmodernist Romantic," Michael Gregory at John Berggruen, Artweek 1/24; "Camouflaged With Color," Andy Harader at Khiva, Artweek 2/14; "Sculptural Wordplay," Nayland Blake at Media/ XS, Artweek3/28; "The Dictates of Conscience," Sue Coe at Paule Anglim, Artweek 4/16; "Enlarging on Originality," Jenny Holzer at SF Artspace, Artweek 6/6; "Politics and Engaging Humor," Tom Otterness at John Berggruen, Artweek 9/5; "An Edge of Sorcery," Ann Carter at Janet Steinberg, Artweek 9/26; Following the Lines of Thought," Patrick Ireland at SF Artspace, Artweek 10/10; "Contemplation and Reflection,"  Anna Valentina Murch at SFMOMA, Artweek 11/7; "A Lesson of Healing," Buzz Spector at Roy Boyd, Artweek 11/28; "Looking at Beauty," Tom Butter at John Berggruen, Artweek 12/26; "Gut and Fishskin," at the California Craft Museum, Artweek 12/12;  Tony Hepburn at Dorothy Weiss, American Ceramics, fall; Scott Chamberlin at Dorothy Weiss, American Ceramics, winter

 1986: "Righteous Quirkiness," Roger Brown at John Berggruen, Artweek 12/20

Articles in magazines(essays, features and interviews)

2016: Profile of Linda Fleming, Sculpture Magazine, November

2014: Essay on the diRosa, column for series on, December

2011: “Art + Environment @ Nevada Museum of Art,”, November

2009: “Ron Nagle: Fishing Around for Chords,” American Craft, Nov.-Dec., cover feature

2007: “Viva Vetro,” Glass Quarterly, Summer; “A Whole Life: Ruth Asawa,” American Craft , September

2004: “Bean Finneran’s Performative Art,” Ceramics, Art and Perception #57 (Australia)

2002: “Beverly Mayeri: Mapping the Interior,” American Craft, September

2001: “Jewelry as Installation,” American Craft, December

2000: "Glass Bead Game: Jacqueline Lillie," American Craft, October

1998: "Tony Hepburn," Ceramics Art and Perception, (Australia), issue 30

1995: "The art of Jay Musler," Glass and Art (Tokyo, Japan), May; "Focus: Therman Statom," American Craft, Summer; "Richard Marquis, artist and collector," American Craft, December

1994: Interview/dialogue with Pike Powers, Glass, January- February

1993: "Openings: Rachel Lachowicz," emerging artist feature in Artforum, January; "Art of Glass: Looking Through History," feature in Sculpture,  January/ February ; "Seeing Red: Thoughts on Love and Hate," essay in Shift 15 ; Interview with Chad Dunkel (fictional), Shift 15; Interview w. Dennis Oppenheim, Shift 15

1992: Interviews with Martin Kippenberger, Lari Pittman, Shift 13; Interview with Susana Solano, Shift 14; "On the Scene: San Francisco," column on Bay area for Artspace, May/ June; "Marvin Lipofsky," artist profile in Neuesglas, summer; "On the Scene: San Francisco," column on Bay area for Artspace, July/ August; "On the Scene: San Francisco," column on Bay area for Artspace, September/ October

1991: "The Fate of the Avant-Garde," feature in Shift 11; "Quick Quick Pause: Deborah Oropallo," feature in Artforum, May; "Reflections of Fantasy, Positions of Power: Darkroom Manipulations," feature on three women photographers in Vision, Fall; Interviews w/ John Malpede, Jim Shaw, Lorna Simpson, Shift 11

1990: "Letter from San Francisco," column on art & culture in Contemporanea, January; "Glass does not grow in the forest," feature in American Craft, September; "Steve Tobin: Breaking the Rules of Glass," feature in Art Today, summer; "You're History, Pal: Reading Nayland Blake," feature in Artforum, November; "Skinfolks: Piercing the Body of Culture," essay on Modern Primitives, Shift 9

Interviews with Group Material, Sophie Calle, Shift 9; "John Caldwell: Pioneering the New,”(interview), Contemporanea, November; "Letter From Prague," column on art & culture in Contemporanea, December; Interviews with Ann Hamilton, Alfredo Jaar, Shift 10

 1989:Interview with Mary Jane Jacob, Contemporanea, May; "Alternative Opportunities: A Report From the Bay Area,", feature in Visions, Summer; "Letter From San Francisco," column on art & culture, Contemporanea, September; "The New Narratology," feature on emerging artists, Contemporanea, September; "The Museum of Jurassic Technology," cover feature in Artweek, 9/18; "Coat Tales: Jean Williams Cacicedo," American Craft, Oct./ November (cover feature); Interview with Tim Rollins and KOS,  Shift 8

 1988: "Children of An Anxious Age: Jan Holcomb," American Ceramics, summer (cover feature); "Peter Shire: Free Way," American Craft, December (cover feature); "Letter From San Francisco," column on art & culture, Contemporanea, July/ August; "Intelligence on the Wall," cover feature on installation, Artweek 4/7; "Richard Artschwager," cover feature in Artweek 7/23; "Buzz Spector: Reading Room," feature in Visions, Winter; "East Meets West," feature on LA Artfair in Artcoast 1

 1987: Tracing a Different Path," cover feature on the 'Quiet Revolution' (British sculpture) show, Artweek 7/11; "It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight: Jumping the Tracks of Narrative" (essay on Vernon Fisher's Hirshhorn exhibition), Shift 5

 Book Reviews

1990: The Book of Dust, by Agnes Denes, Contemporanea, Summer

1989: The Road Through Miyama, by Judy Mallory, New York Times Book Review, 8/20

         Navigating by the Stars by Vernon Fisher, Contemporanea, October

 1988:  New, Used and Revised,  by Peter Frank,  in Artweek 10/2

Image / text works in publications and exhibition

What goes around: an unbound book of circular texts, published by Words&Pictures (2016)

Drawing in Whitefish Magazine, December 2015

Portfolio of image/text drawings in December Magazine, fall 2014

An ABCDarium for artists and their critics, published by Trillium Press (2004)

Acts of Deception, novella published by Words&Pictures (2000)

The Book of Lies II (portfolio of 20 artist's image/text pieces), published by Eugenia Butler, 1997

"Twenty Questions," in the International Artist's Reading Room, an exhibition at Side

Street Projects, San Diego CA(summer 1996)

"On Time," three poster designs for kiosks on Market street for Art In Transit, a public art program of the San Francisco Arts Commission (spring 1993)

"Meridian," published in conjunction with exhibition at Terrain Gallery (1992)

"Under the Skin of Circumstance," full page feature in the East Bay Guardian (May 1991)

"You will have to imagine what was here," in Framework (special issue on censorship), published by LACPS, Los Angeles (1990)

UnMatched Halves, artist's book published by Words&Pictures (1987)


 Audio Tour Scripts for Exhibitions


New Modern Wing Tour, at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL (2009)

Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas TX (2008)

Isabella Kirkland: Nova, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo OH (2008)

Women Impressionists, at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco CA (2008)

Jasper Johns, at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL (2007)

The Permanent Collection of the Los Angeles County Museum (multimedia tour), LA CA (2007)

The Shapes of Space, at the Guggenheim Museum of Art, New York NY (2007)

Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde, at the Art Institute of Chicago (2007)

Matisse, Sculptor and Painter, at the Dallas Museum of Fine Art/ Nasher Museum, Dallas TX (2006),    SFMOMA (2007), Baltimore Museum of Art (2008)

Henry Hodgkin, at Tate Britain, London, England (2006)

Full House, at the Whitney Museum of American Art (2006)

Biedermeier: the Invention of Simplicity, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee WI (2006)

Bouguereau and His American Students, at the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa OK (2006)

Rembrandt and his World, at the Milwaukee Art Museum (2005)

Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre, at the Art Institute of Chicago (2005)

Tour of the Permanent Collection of the DeYoung Museum, SF (2005)

Hero Hawk, and Open Hand, at the Art Institute of Chicago (2004)

Tour of the Permanent Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago (2004)

Seurat, at the Art Institute of Chicago (2004)

Medardo Rosso at the Nasher Sculpture Center (2004)

Tour of the Permanent collection of the Nasher Sculpture Center (2004, 2003)

Monet, the Seine and the Sea, National Gallery of Scotland (2003)

Manet and the Sea, Art Institute of Chicago (2003)

The Medici and the Legacy of Michelangelo, Chicago Art Institute (2002)

Van Gogh and Gauguin: the Studio of the South, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL (2001)

Tours for the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Museum of Arts, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Walters Art Gallery (2001)

Beyond the Easel: Decorative Painting by Bonnard, Vuillard, Denis, Art Institute of Chicago (2000)

Made in California, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (2000)

The Art of Taoism, Art Institute of Chicago (2000)

Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors and the Camera, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco CA (1999), Dallas Museum of Art (2000)

Director's Tour, Metropolitan Museum of Art (1999)

John Singer Sargent, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1999)

Gustave Moreau: From Epic to Dream, A I C and Metropolitan Museum of Art (1999)

Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman, Art Institute of Chicago (1998) and MFA Boston (1999)

Music Tour of the Permanent Collection, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1998)

Treasures of the Vatican, Cleveland Museum of Art (1998)

Picasso: the Early Years, Boston Museum of Fine Arts (1997)

Exiles and Emigres, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1997)

Degas After Impressionism, Art Institute of Chicago (1996)

Gustave Caillebotte: Urban Impressionist, Art Institute of Chicago (1995)

Monet, Art Institute of Chicago (1995)

Tour of the Permanent Collection, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1995)

The Kress Collection, Seattle Art Museum (1994)

John James Audubon: The Watercolors for The Birds of America, Chicago Art Institute and

    Houston Museum of Fine Arts (1994)

Odilon Redon, Art Institute of Chicago (1994)

Picasso and the Weeping Women, at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1994)

Chicago's Dream: A World's Treasure, Art Institute of Chicago (1993)

Painters of the Great Ming, Dallas Museum of Art(1993)

Gates of Mystery: The Art of Holy Russia, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art (1993)

Masterpieces of American Impressionism from the Pfeil Collection, C. F. A., Miami (1993)

Degas To Matisse: The Wertheim Collection, LACMA(1993)

The William S. Paley Collection, Seattle Art Museum and LACMA (1992-3)

The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Houston Museum of Fine Art (1992)

Andrew Wyeth in Southeastern Collections, Jacksonville Art Museum (1992)

Degenerate Art: the Fate of the Avent-Garde in Nazi Germany, LACMA.  Additional

     scripts for Chicago Art Institute, Smithsonian, and Alten Museum, Berlin(1991-2)

Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries, LACMA (1991)

Tour of the Sensory Garden for the Chicago Botanical Garden (1991)

The Treasures of Moscow, Seattle Exposition Center and Smithsonian (1990-1)

The Fauve Landscape, LACMA (1990)

Treasures of American Folk Art, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco (1990)

The New Narratology and Vernon Fisher, Center for the Fine Arts, Miami (1989)

Hispanic Art in the United States, Brooklyn Museum (1989)

In the Realm of Ideas: Frank Lloyd Wright, traveled to five museums throughout 1989-91

The Gilbert Collection of Silver and Gold, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1989)

Bentwood and Metal Furniture, 1850-1949, Center for the Fine Arts, Miami (1988)